Your view: Support the Domestic Violence Protection Bill


Protecting the lives of victims and their families is the goal of the Domestic Violence Protection Bill, SB 501, which was passed unanimously by the Pennsylvania Senate. A companion bill, HB 2060, in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was passed by the House Judiciary Committee, but has not been brought to the floor for a vote.

HB 2060 would close a deadly loophole in federal law and would disarm dangerous domestic abusers and safely secure their firearms.

This bill would protect abuse victims and the law enforcement officers who respond to domestic violence calls, which are among the most dangerous calls to which they respond. In 2017, 78 Pennsylvanians lost their lives in domestic violence incidents involving firearms. In 2016, two Pennsylvania law enforcement officers were murdered during domestic violence calls.

The PA District Attorneys Association, the PA Police Chief’s Association, and the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence supports this bill. And the NRA has reported that they are neutral and do not oppose HB 2060.

Please call the Speaker of the House, Mike Turzai and the House Majority Leader, Dave Reed, to ask that they schedule a vote on HB 2060.

And then call your representative to request that they vote yes on this bill.

Diane Dreier