Your view: A man who deserves a spot in state Senate


In the spirit of harmony amid these changing times, I urge people to vote this coming November. It’s a privilege that all too often is taken for granted.

There is a man running for the state Senate who truly embodies the principle of “We the People.”

John Sweeney knows what it is to live by his hands, what it is to truly make an honest day’s wage. He’s got two things going for him: Sweeney lives by his word and he’s good for it. I know him to be a generous and caring man, one who thinks of the community before himself. He’s running for office as an act of service, rather than simply a career move.

The officeholder of the 20th District of the PA State Senate gets paid $87,180 per year with a daily per diem of $183, and this is all taxpayer funded. The math comes out to nine cents a day from every person in the district. My two cents would go to John Sweeney. The government has already taken the other seven and then some.

David S. Kennedy

Overfield Township