Your View: Trump right to put America first


Everything about President Donald Trump abhors me.

However, I must categorically state that Trump is correct in condemning the ideology of globalism. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but his statement at the United Nations that “America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination” is a realist strategy to insure U.S. sovereignty.

U.N. Secretary General Guterres assertion that global cooperation is the answer to world issues and multilateralism be used to resolve international problems reduces our ability to control our own affairs.

Trump is operating according to the realpolitik principle that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once summarized “America has no permanent friends or enemies’ only interests.”

Trump rejects many of the core tenets of the liberal international order; a multifaceted system that the U.S and its allies built after WWII and have supported for over 70 years. His foreign policy has turned the very fabric of international cooperation upside down. He has sent the message that the U.S will now look after its own interest not the interest of the so called global community, even at the expense of alienating our allies.

The Trump administration’s world view is fundamentally realist in nature.

Donald Trump is an economic nationalist at heart. Globalization does not foster harmony among states and economic interdependence increases national vulnerability. Many Americans rightly feel that globalization has brought cheap consumer goods into our country and that outsourcing of jobs to lower paid workers overseas has ruined U.S. manufacturing.

For too long U.S leaders and foreign policy liberals have been championing multilateralism, international institutes, and the rule of law as values in themselves, is dismissing how they affected our national interest. President Trump is not advocating a policy of isolationism. He wants our allies to take on greater responsibility for their sovereignty.

Trump’s “America first” agenda is radical only in the sense that it seeks to promote interest of the U.S. above all.

Bill Sarnak