You view: Northeast PA Philharmonic a treat for all


If you weren’t there, you missed it.

The Northeast PA Philharmonic returned to Pennsylvania on Oct. 6 with a vengeance. The problem is that most people think “Really? Do I even care?”

The philharmonic is very cool. World class musicians gathering together in our backyard to make sounds and create experiences that you would almost never hear or experience on the radio or the television. It’s like nothing else. It’s the ultimate bubble, insulating you from all the craziness in the world. It’s the ultimate escape. The ultimate mini-rave.

It’s a great show. The conductor is a young woman from France, which in and of itself is cool. She is thin and tall. Her arms move like some great bird, directing all of the musicians to play the music like it was for the first time. She conducts them with enthusiasm, and it generates a sense of wonder.

So, if you weren’t there, you missed it. But it will be back and you’ll have another chance. Don’t miss it again. My wife tells me that we only regret the things that we do not do.

Alec Frank