Your view: It’s time for Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana


The article “House GOP leaders: ‘No interest in legalizing recreational marijuana’” by Bill O’Boyle published on Sept. 29 highlights the GOP’s opposition to the overwhelming public support for legalizing adult-use cannabis.

A survey conducted during the lieutenant governor’s public forum across Pennsylvania revealed that 82% of residents support making the plant legal.

House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler uses the opioid epidemic to justify his party’s opposition. However, studies show that cannabis alleviates pain, manages PTSD and is a safer and more effective alternative to opioids.

Many states have legalized recreational use of marijuana such as Colorado, Michigan and Maine with positive results.

It is time Pennsylvania joins these states and takes a lead in this growing industry, as we have already seen with the boom of Pennsylvania hemp. This would be a substantial benefit to the state by affording us much needed revenue. Money to revitalize marginalized communities, fund quality public education and restore our crumbling infrastructure.

One reason I support Bernie Sanders for president is that he is the only candidate in support of legalizing cannabis. I have seen its positive effects, and if you are laughing you probably have too. I urge everyone today to call their state representative to co-sponsor House Bill 50 to legalize recreational adult-use cannabis.

Maria Andrews

Scranton, PA