Your view: Democrats need to protect babies in the womb


I heard a Democrat say this about the hearings to open impeachment proceedings against President Trump: “We are not here for some partisan exercise; we are here because the facts compel us to be here.”

I don’t know what the facts are about the president, what he has done, or whether or not he committed the “high crimes and misdemeanors” the Constitution says are impeachable offenses. But I find it impossible to believe that Democrats are motivated by pure love of truth and justice, when their party has for decades denied the following facts, much more obvious than Trump’s alleged crimes – Babies in the womb are innocent human beings; the lives of all innocent human beings deserve legal protection; abortion tramples this right.

Nothing is more fundamental, not only to a nation’s security, but to its very continuation in existence, than the legal protection of all innocent human life.

If the Democrats cannot be “compelled” (in conscience) to take some action to protect babies in the womb, they are devoid either of sound judgment or of character.

Joseph S. Warakomski

Hanover Township