Your view: Charter schools provide valuable options


Bear Creek Community Charter school is the best option my family and I could have ever dreamed of having in a public school district with no other options.

My children are provided opportunities that teach accountability, responsibility and compassion, along with many other basic life skills that I do not believe they would have acquired in a traditional public school. Smaller class sizes and more personal attention by the staff have helped my children succeed.

The school’s focus on the environment has made learning fun for the first time for my children. Teachers at the charter school are able to focus more on academics and classroom activities.

Parent support in the educational process is critical, and Bear Creek Community Charter School actively seeks to engage parents.

Children at the charter school are exposed to music, art, environmental education and other subjects on a regular basis, which many traditional schools do not offer or are eliminating from their academic program.

Since a one-size-fits-all approach in education does not work, I feel strongly that parents deserve options. Traditional public schools, cyber charter schools or brick-and-mortar charter schools provide parents with meaningful options.

In the end, children are the beneficiaries of these option, and what is best for children is what public education is all about. Elected officials need to think long and hard before making decisions that will negatively impact charter schools, as they provide valuable options for families.

Ashley Patterson