At a time when many people fearfully watched the stock market tumble and quite understandably worried about their jobs, their children’s education, their retirement accounts and their business bottom lines, we as nonprofit professionals cannot stress enough how extremely grateful we are for those who recognized the damage a complete shutdown in charitable giving would have done to the nonprofit landscape – especially here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

While we fully understand that some long-term, incredibly loyal donors and supporters simply had no choice but to scale back their giving during these painful times, we also cannot bypass the opportunity to give heartfelt recognition to those who found a way to step up to make sure that charitable efforts were able to continue all across our region.

Today (Nov. 15), as we celebrate National Philanthropy Day, we at AFP NEPA hereby honor the businesses, foundations, individuals and families who have been there for our nonprofit organizations. To them we say, sincerely and gratefully, thanks for giving, generously and sacrificially, even when giving might have been especially tough.

The sobering reality is that without donors and supporters, our nonprofits simply would not have been able to keep feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, teaching our children, protecting our environment, creatively keeping arts and culture alive or even chasing that elusive vaccine.

We strongly urge readers to think about who has made a philanthropic impact during the pandemic. Then please join us in reaching out to them publicly with a simple message: Thank You!

From today through Thanksgiving, we invite you to use your personal and organizational social media pages to thank someone for their philanthropic efforts using the hashtag: #NEPAPhilanthopy. It’s a small but meaningful way to offer some public recognition and appreciation to those whose efforts ensure that charitable work carries on throughout this storm.

The Board of Directors of AFP Northeastern PA

Sandra Snyder

president-elect and co-chair Philanthropy Day 2020

Joell Yarmel

co-chair, Philanthropy Day 2020