Swoyersville mayor clarifies what he wants after culm bank is removed

Chris Concert is the mayor of Swoyersville. -

Yesterday, the Times Leader published a story about Swoyersville getting grant money to begin the removal of the old culm bank. The story was written by Marcella Kester, who I believe did an outstanding job on this article.

My issue was with online comments from people who obviously did not read the entire story. After the negative feedback I received after the online comments from people who hid behind fake names, I wanted to set the record straight. I will not stand by and be raked over the coals for no good reason.

As I stated multiple times before, I would never support a proposal for low-income housing developments on the reclaimed land. I will always fight to have residential dwellings. This is my vision, but this is also not borough property and never will be. It is privately owned and will continue that way.

Now, what I also stated was, I know we already have a low-income development within our borders. Since I believe we have a nice development and no real issues, I wanted to go on record and state that I respect the citizens who reside there. These are good families, and many times they are an asset to our community.

Swoyersville is the black gem of the West Side. Under all this coal is a diamond that will continue to shine.

Mayor Christopher Concert


Chris Concert is the mayor of Swoyersville.
https://www.timesleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/web1_chrisccccc.jpgChris Concert is the mayor of Swoyersville.