Your view: Pennsylvania needs Barletta in Senate


I am concerned for Pennsylvania. I am concerned that Sen. Bob Casey is resorting to the same big-government, big-spending policies that sidelined our industries and hurt our citizens.

In an economic climate which may very well see our federal GDP rise above 5 percent this quarter, Casey is actively advocating for a tax hike. I’m concerned he would rather see working Pennsylvanians burdened by bothersome regulations and high taxes than receive the relief they rightly deserve. Casey has shown time and time again that he prioritizes partisanship over working for the common good of his constituents. His party-line voting record and refusal to work across the aisle makes clear where his allegiance lies: not with the people, but with his party.

Pennsylvania went red in 2016 for many reasons, chief among them being that working Pennsylvanians were finally fed up with radicalism of liberals. Liberals like Bob Casey have been bad for small business, bad for workers and bad for local economies.

Casey’s vote against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act represents a vote directly against the interests of the people who voted him into office. As Pennsylvania families finally begin to keep more of their hard-earned money, while their wages and benefits increase, Bob Casey has the gall to endorse repealing tax cuts.

Heading into this November, two undeniable truths had ought to be on every voter’s mind: Bob Casey is not fit to serve my interest. I’m voting for Lou Barletta for Senate.

Ron Ferrance


Luzerne County Republican Party