Your view: Thanks for help with ‘Sound the Alarm’


On behalf of the Kingston/Forty Fort Fire Department, I would like to thank the American Red Cross and its entire staff for allowing us to assist them in the “Sound the Alarm” program.

We were able to install 542 smoke alarms in 476 homes. This program helped make all of these homes safer. We are still receiving calls and definitely expect this final number to be higher.

I would also like to thank all of the organizations involved and let them know that without their support this program would not have been such a success – Kingston/Fort Fort Fire Department, Edwardsville Fire Department, Times Leader, Commonwealth Home Care, Almost Family, Easton Home Health, UGI, Mondelez International, Holy Redeemer Boys Basketbal, Wyoming Seminary High School, West Side Career Technology Center Law Enforcement Team, Forty Fort Lions, Kingston Lions, Kingston Rotary.

I hope I did not miss any of the partners, if I did let me apologize in advance.

Frank Guido

Kingston Fire Chief