Your view: Help end partisan gerrymandering


The level of cynicism and dysfunction in the state legislature, as lead by Senate majority leaders Jake Corman and Joe Scarnati and house Speaker Mike Turzai, is truly beyond belief.

This is the body that created legislative districts so obscenely gerrymandered that the state Supreme Court saw fit to rule the current map unconstitutional and replace it with one drawn by the court when our legislative leaders demonstrated their inability to put voter’s rights before partisan interests.

Citizen outrage, coupled with the tireless efforts of Fair Districts PA, and profiles in courage amongst some of our more honorable state senators and representatives, produced non-partisan bills SB22 and HB2402. These bills were designed to protect all voters by taking the politics out of creating legislative districts. Sadly, instead of passing SB22 in its non-partisan form, Corman’s senate approved the Aument amendment added judicial gerrymandering to the problem. In the House, Turzai is doing everything he can to stonewall HB2402 and run out the clock.

If you’re not furious, you’re not paying attention.

Call your state senator to say what happened with SB22 is inexcusable and you demand a clear, strong redistricting reform bill. Ask your state representative to cosponsor HB2402 and demand prompt action. Make it clear that this is a voting issue for you and then be sure to vote.

George Polycranos

Port Matilda