Your view: Support Henry for state representative


Property owners of the 121st district, do you want to eliminate you school property taxes? You can by voting in the Nov. 6 general election.

There are two candidate running for state representative: incumbent Eddie Day Pashinski and challenger Sue Henry, a former WILK radio talk host.

Henry is eager to accept the challenge and campaign on the property tax reform as a strong supporter of HB 76.

Pashinski is a rabid opponent of HB/SB 76. His reason? He says Independence Fiscal Office and the Department of Revenue both stated officially in a full report it does not work.

The Independence Fiscal Office never said such a thing. They reported the numbers without comment, and Pashinski is twisting them.

Pashinski was the head of the teachers union in the Luzerne County district where he was employed. He is collecting approximately $4,420 a month and is working on his second guarantee pension as a state representative, collecting more than $80,00 in salary and social security benefits. The PSEA state teachers union is his largest contributor to his campaign. The PSEA is the most active opponent of school property taxes.

The Pennsylvania Collation of Taxpayers Association has endorsed Henry. Henry is firmly committed to HB 76.

As president of Luzerne County Property Owners and a member of 86 PTCC groups, I am asking you to vote for Henry.

You must do all you can to remove Pashinski from office. Let Sue Henry help save our homes.

Charles Urban

President, Luzerne County Property Owners