Your view: Stop using pesticides after every rain


The flooding rains across our region over the past several months have resulted in massive amounts of stormwater runoff being washed into our lakes and streams.

Polluted runoff from paved surfaces and agricultural operations have been cited as contributing factors to toxic algal blooms and the contamination of drinking water.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has decided to add even more pollution to the mix by blanketing parts of our region with pesticides, presumably to control the spread of a “mosquito-borne disease” that does not even exist in our part of the world.

As a resident of an area that has been heavily impacted by the recent drenching rains, I can attest that this summer’s mosquito population is neither higher nor lower than previous summers, making DEP’s knee-jerk response of dumping toxic pesticides after every summer rain event irresponsible and unwarranted.

Juliet Perrin

Luzerne County