Your View: Support Casey, not Trump’s man Barletta


Many of us are wondering, “Who should I vote for, Casey or Barletta?” Both want to represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate.

Incumbent Casey always fought for the working class. He helped pass a health care bill for retired miners, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act, a small business tax reduction bill, the Fair Pay Act which helps women get equal pay, and bills which got $369 million to fix Pa. bridges and $271 million for Port Philadelphia, which created thousands of jobs.

If you go to Rep. Barletta’s website, you’ll see at the top: “Stand with Pres. Trump, support Lou Barletta.” This means Barletta supports separating children from their parents at the border; paying millions for a wall, even though there are more efficient ways to secure our border; white supremacists and Nazis; tax scams that help the wealthy and corporations at the expense of our deficit;, filling the swamp with lobbyists and criminals instead of draining it; chaos at the White House; a weaker, less respected America, criticizing our allies but showing admiration and respect for dictators likePutin instead of our intelligence agencies regarding Russia’s interference in our election; nepotism at the White House, Trump’s refusal to show his tax returns and his use of the office to increase his wealth; Trump’s continual lies and comments that are weakening faith in our democracy; and all types of conspiracy theories that weaken faith in our democracy.

Bottom line, if we want to Make America Great Again, we should begin by voting for Senator Casey.

Joe Czarnecki