Your View: Greater Nanticoke taxpayers group supports Henry for state House


The Greater Nanticoke Area Taxpayers Forum would like to announce that our organization is supporting Sue Henry for election as state representative in the 121st District, which is predominantly Wilkes-Barre and Hanover Township. She is a former talk show host on WILK radio. She is a conservative who is taxpayer-friendly and believes in eliminating or substantially reducing school taxes, the most unfair and costly of our municipal taxes.

Her opponent and present state representative in the 121st District is Eddie Day Pashinski. Mr. Pashinski is a retired music teacher and president of the GNA Teachers Union and opposed Act 47 legislation that would lower or eliminate school taxes for property owners. He owes his allegiance to the teachers and their union. As president of the teachers union at Greater Nanticoke Area, he was involved in negotiating the most costly teachers contact in school district history, which came close to bankrupting the district. Teachers’ wages were increased 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, and 8 percent over a five-year contract. Taxes increased from 99 mills to 144 mills as a result.

Voters of the 121st District, send Eddie Pashinski to the bench, his piano bench, where he can play sweet music for his teacher friends, who contributed large sums to his campaign. Vote for a friend of the delegated taxpayers, Sue Henry, in the 121st District.

Hank Marks

President of GNA Taxpayers Forum