Dallas’ Jack Zardecki wins second straight race

By Robert Miner - For Times Leader | September 2nd, 2017 5:34 pm - updated: 4:00 am.

DALLAS TWP. — Jack Zardecki ran to his second straight victory in the Varsity Boys 5K Run at the Cliff Robbins Sr. Memorial High School Invitational Cross Country Races at Letterkenny Fields on Saturday.

Zardecki, a senior from Dallas High School, broke the tape in 16 minutes and 29 seconds. He outran second-place finisher, Brandon Curley, a senior from Montrose, by 11 seconds. Zardecki’s teammate, Mitch Rome, a junior, finished third, seven seconds behind Curley.

“I took the lead just after a half mile into the race,” said Zardecki. “(Curley) kept pace with me throughout most of the race. So I just kept focusing on my pace. My pace fell off a bit over the second mile, but then I picked it back up over the final mile.”

Zardecki wasn’t too concerned about his time and expects things to improve.

“This isn’t a fast course with the hills and all of the turns,” said Zardecki. “I didn’t do a workout yet this season. But a few workouts will bring down my times. By the time we get to the mid-point of the season, I’ll be where I expect to be.”

Zardecki plans to run in college and has four visits to Division I schools coming up in the near future.

Hannah Perkins, a sophomore standout from Montrose, won the Varsity Girls 5K finishing in 19:32. Mia Bellucci, a junior from Scranton Prep, finished second, 12 seconds behind Perkins. Holy Redeemer senior, Lyndsey Williams, finished third in 20:24.

“I took it hard right from the start,” said Perkins. “People kept telling me she was right behind me. So I used that as motivation to keep up my pace. And it worked.”

Matt Eckenrode, a freshman from Scranton Junior High, won the Junior High Boys 3K race, finishing in 11 minutes flat. Christian Snee, a freshman from Mid Valley Junior High, finished second, 18 seconds behind Eckenrode. Angelo Lombardo, an eighth-grader from Wyoming Valley West, finished third, eight seconds behind Snee.

“I pushed the hills,” said Eckenrode. “(Snee) pressured me throughout most of the race. I just knew I had to stay in front. I finally put him away over the straightaway with about a quarter of a mile remaining.”

Molly DeMarzo, an eighth-grader from Crestwood won the Junior High Girls 3K, finishing in 12:29. Rachel Korty, an eighth-grader from Forest City Regional finished second, 25 seconds behind DeMarzo. Amelia King, a seventh-grader from Scranton Junior High, finished third, clocking in at 13 minutes flat.

“I moved in front just after the first hill,” said DeMarzo. “Then I just kept pushing right to the finish.”

DeMarzo’s winning time was a personal record for her in a 3K.

Cliff Robbins Sr. Memorial High School Invitational

Junior High Girls 3K (1.86 miles)

Top 25 medal winners

Molly DeMarzo, 8th, Crestwood, 12:29

Rachel Korty, 8th, Forest City, 12:54

Amelia King, 7th, Scranton, 13:00

Kayleigh Thoman, 7th, NE Bradford, 13:01

Madison Kammer, 8th, W. Wayne, 13:10

Emily Hopkins, 8th, Scranton, 13:12

Lexi Marcinkowski, 7th, Redeemer, 13:16

Lia Keefe, 7th, Redeemer, 13:17

Olivia James, 8th, Lakeland, 13:17

Emma Moyer, 8th, NE Bradford, 13:25

Samantha Adams, 8th, Valley View, 13:28

Gabrielle Snee, 8th, Mid Valley, 13:29

Nicole Chiricos, 8th, Valley View, 13:33

Kira Pomrinke, 7th, Dallas, 13:34

Brianna Zipay, 8th, Valley View, 13:34

Madelyn James, 7th, Lakeland, 13:38

Emily Kobusky, 8th, Valley West, 13:39

Abby Britzke, 7th, Havover, 13:40

Audrey Lawlor, 8th, W. Wayne, 13:41

Emily Lehman, 7th, Hanover, 13:42

Kaitlyn Newberry, 8th, Valley View, 13:46

Kaitlin, McCarthy, 8th, Hanover, 13:52

Chelsea Flaherty, 8th, Solomon, 13:56

Paige Redman, 8th, Valley View, 13:59

Diane Tran-Tang, 8th, Hanover, 14:01

Field: 151 finishers

Junior High Boys 3K

Top 25 medal winners

Matt Eckenrode, Fr, Scranton, 11:00

Christian Snee, Fr, Mid Valley, 11:18

Angelo Lombardo, 8th, Valley West, 11:26

Brady Newman, 8th, Lehman, 11:29

Mike Bennici, Fr, Mid Valley, 11:36

Steven Domanski, Fr, Hazleton, 11:37

Will Walsh, Fr, Scranton, 11:39

Donovan Burdick, 8th, W. Wayne, 11:41

Kris Maloney, 8th, W. Wayne, 11:42

Anthony Roberto, 8th, Scranton, 11:45

Vince Iacavazzi, 8th, Mid Valley, 11:48

Joe Skirpan, 8th, W. Wayne, 11:48

Camden Miller, Fr, Scranton, 11:50

Ben Bradley, 8th, Dallas, 11:54

Allan Williams, Fr, Pittston, 11:57

Grant Smith, 8th, Wy. Area, 11:58

Casey Weaver, 8th, Lehman, 11:59

Collin Pacyna, Fr, Mid Valley, 11:59

Mike Novak, 8th, Mid Valley, 11:59

Adrian Ortiz-Vasquez, 8th, Hanover, 12:05

Frankie Willis, 8th, Weatherly, 12:07

Ricardo Munoz, 8th, Hazleton, 12:08

Gino Ofcharsky, Fr, Lakeland, 12:08

Aiden Mertz, Fr, Crestwood, 12:08

Dustin Polchin, 7th, Hazleton, 12:10

Field: 180 finishers

Varsity Girls 5K (3.1 miles)

Top 25 medal winners

Hannah Perkins, Soph, Montrose, 19:32

Mia Bellucci, Jr, Prep, 19:44

Lyndsey Williams, Sr, Redeemer, 20:24

Adiya Golden, Jr, Prep, 20:37

Anna Brier, Sr, Prep, 20:53

Jade Fry, Sr, Lehman, 21:00

Katie Shea, Jr, Scranton, 21:00

Nicole Zambetti, Soph, Pittston, 21:01

Taylor Seprosky, Soph, Valley View, 21:06

Madison Baloga, Soph, Dallas, 21:07

April Kupsky, Soph, Sem, 21:09

Georgia Smith, Jr, Montrose, 21:15

Allison Walsh, Sr, Prep, 21:21

Megan Borton, Soph, Dallas, 21:29

Santana Burak, Sr, Valley View, 21:36

Abby Zolner, Sr, Dallas, 21:40

Ariana Stranko, Soph, Hazleton, 21:41

Karli Moyer, Sr, NE Bradford, 21:43

Anna Capaci, Fr, Redeemer, 21:43

Kaitlyn Hodakowski, Fr, Redeemer, 21:46

Alicia Orzechowski, Fr, Dallas, 21:51

Abby Bowen, Soph, Prep, 21:52

Jace Garnick, Sr, Lehman, 21:53

Tori Duffy, Jr, Valley View, 21:57

Charisse Mulherin, Jr, Valley View, 21:57

Field: 170 finishers

Varsity Boys 5K

Top 25 medal winners

Jack Zardecki, Sr, Dallas, 16:29

Brandon Curley, Sr, Montrose, 16:40

Mitchell Rome, Jr, Dallas, 16:47

Mitchell Martin, Sr, Berwick, 16:49

Clay Kimsal, Sr, Crestwood, 16:56

Josh Wyandt, Sr, Dallas, 17:05

Franklin Cunningham, Sr, Hazleton, 17:10

Liam Mead, Jr, Montrose, 17:18

Adam Borton, Sr, Dallas, 17:30

Josh Christianson, Soph, Scranton, 17:35

Bryce Zapusek, Jr, Redeemer, 17:35

Connor Stevens, Sr, Redeemer, 17:37

Eric Bixby, Sr, Montrose, 17:43

Colin Spellman, Jr, Montrose, 17:44

Jacob Kobusky, Sr, Valley West, 17:44

Max Brewer, Jr, Montrose, 17:48

Nick Coy, Soph, Montrose, 17:49

Nick Gershey, Jr, Prep, 17:52

Nate Searfoss, Jr, Coughlin, 17:57

Kerry Lyons, Sr, Prep, 17:58

Tavian McKenna, Fr, Valley West, 17:59

Riley Newman, Sr, Lehman, 17:59

Zach Reeves, Soph, Lakeland, 18:02

Scotty Zoscin, Fr, Weatherly, 18:06

Dan Gavin, Jr, Scranton, 18:10

Crestwood 8th grader Molly DeMarzo finishes far ahead of the rest of the competition in the Junior High Girls 3K race.
https://www.timesleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/web1_Robins-Invitational-CC-2-CMYK-1.jpgCrestwood 8th grader Molly DeMarzo finishes far ahead of the rest of the competition in the Junior High Girls 3K race. Tony Callaio | For Times Leader
Dallas Area’s Jack Zardecki eyes the finish line to take the boys high school level Varsity Boys 5K. He had a time of 16:28.
https://www.timesleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/web1_Robins-Invitational-CC-5-CMYK-1.jpgDallas Area’s Jack Zardecki eyes the finish line to take the boys high school level Varsity Boys 5K. He had a time of 16:28. Tony Callaio | For Times Leader
The junior high girls attack the first hill during the Cliff Robbins Sr. Memorial High School Invitational at Letterkenny Hills Saturday morning.
https://www.timesleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/web1_Robins-Invitational-CC-1-CMYK-1.jpgThe junior high girls attack the first hill during the Cliff Robbins Sr. Memorial High School Invitational at Letterkenny Hills Saturday morning. Tony Callaio | For Times Leader

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