Caught on Camera

By Tom Venesky - [email protected]

Hunters began scouting for the upcoming archery season weeks ago, and many used trail cameras to get an idea of how many big bucks are roaming the areas they hunt.

Based on the photos sent in by readers, there are plenty of trophies out there.

Andrew Serniak used a trail camera to capture these images of a monster buck roaming the woods around Bald Mountain. The photos were taken in August when the buck was still in velvet, and it looks like an 11-point. Perhaps if the sticker point on the G2 grew a bit, it would count and give the buck a true 12-point rack. Either way it’s an impressive deer that any hunter would be happy to see walk by their stand.

Capture anything interesting on your hand-held or trail camera? A nice buck, bear, coyote or any other wildlife? We’d love to see it. Each week, we’ll run photos from a reader’s trail camera on the Sunday Outdoors page. Email your photo, along with date and area it was taken (township is fine), and any other details to [email protected]

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By Tom Venesky

[email protected]