Caught on Camera

By Tom Venesky - [email protected]

This ruffed grouse in Windham Township, Bradford County, gave Joe DeMarco plenty of time to take its picture during a recent encounter. DeMarco said the grouse flew to his car. After stopping to take a photo, the grouse continued to follow DeMarco for 100 yards as he drove away.

It’s not the first instance of a grouse acting tame, as others have witnessed the bird approaching to within a few feet without any fear. One possible explanation for the odd behavior is it’s actually a replication of the way grouse used to behave more than a century ago. Before they were hunted by early settlers, and even for some time afterward, grouse didn’t have any natural fear of humans. Perhaps that trait still shows up on rare occassion in today’s ruffed grouse, and that’s why, every now and then, a bird acts unusually tame.

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By Tom Venesky

[email protected]