Caught on Camera

By Tom Venesky - [email protected]

The robin responsible for this clutch of eggs won’t have to worry about being an “empty nester” anytime soon.

Paul Pietruszewski of Mountain Top puts a basket on his deck every year for the robins to nest, and he said there are usually two to four eggs at a time. But this spring the busy robin deposited six eggs, which is somewhat unusual. Robins typically have a clutch of three to five eggs and rear one to three broods a year. Pietruszewski wondered if the large clutch was the result of an abundance of worms in his yard. It’s a plausible explanation as some bird species respond to abundant food sources with increased reproduction.

Robin eggs take up to two weeks to hatch and Pietruszewski took the photos on May 6, so it won’t be long until he sees how many of the six eggs actually held robin chicks.

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By Tom Venesky

[email protected]