Penn State’s recruiting run continues with four-star Marquis Wilson

By Derek Levarse - [email protected]

In less than 70 hours, Penn State managed to double the size of its 2019 recruiting class. And more could be coming in the next day.

On Sunday, it was four-star Connecticut athlete Marquis Wilson, who becoming the sixth member of a class that had been at three just a few days ago.

“I’m truly grateful for all of those who genuinely supported me and to those who underestimated my value and character as a man and an athlete,” Wilson wrote on Twitter on Sunday night. “It has honestly taken a village to raise a man such as myself. All in all, I am extremely blessed for everyone who has touched my life in any way, negatively or positively, in every chapter of my life.

“Turning the page, I have decided to create a new chapter at Happy Valley.”

The 6-foot, 175-pound Wilson could play either side of the ball in college, though most recruiting services project him to end up in the secondary.

Wilson played cornerback and receiver for Avon Old Farms, a boarding school in the Hartford suburbs, as a junior in 2017. Rated the No. 2 player in Connecticut in the 247Sports Composite rankings, he also checks in as the No. 299 overall player in the country.

An official visit to Penn State last month for the Blue-White Game boosted the Nittany Lions’ chances, as Wilson chose them over scholarship offers from Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Tennessee and Virginia Tech, among others.

Wilson’s pledge continues a run that may not be over. It began late Thursday night when Lackawanna College safety Jaquan Brisker verbally committed to the Lions. That was followed up on Friday afternoon by four-star Virginia running back Devyn Ford , who announced his decision in a ceremony at his high school.

Lions coach James Franklin and his staff are hoping for more good news on Monday, which could end up being the biggest day of this hot streak.

Five-star Virginia linebacker Brandon Smith — rated the No. 2 inside linebacker in the country and the No. 30 overall recruit at any position — is set to announce his choice after 5 p.m. at his high school auditorium.

Roughly an hour later, four-star Connecticut defensive back Tyler Rudolph will do the same from his high school gym.

Below is Penn State’s updated recruiting map, which can be expanded by clicking on the full-screen icon in the upper right corner of the frame.

All recruit rankings and offers represent the 247Sports Composite, which averages the ratings of prospects from 247Sports, Rivals and ESPN.

QB 2018 2019 2020 2021
Trace McSorley Sr. (RS)      
Tommy Stevens Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Jake Zembiec So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Sean Clifford Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Will Levis Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Ta’Quan Roberson   Fr. So. Jr.
Totals 5 5 4 3
RB 2018 2019 2020 2021
Mark Allen Sr. (RS)      
Johnathan Thomas Sr. (RS)      
Miles Sanders Jr. Sr. RS open  
Journey Brown Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Ricky Slade Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Devyn Ford   Fr. So. Jr.
Totals 5 4 3 3
WR 2018 2019 2020 2021
DeAndre Thompkins Sr. (RS)      
Juwan Johnson Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Brandon Polk Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
K.J. Hamler Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Mac Hippenhammer Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Cam Sullivan-Brown Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Justin Shorter Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Daniel George Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Jahan Dotson Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Totals 9 8 6 6
TE 2018 2019 2020 2021
Jonathan Holland Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Nick Bowers Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Danny Dalton So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Zack Kuntz Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Pat Freiermuth Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Totals 5 5 3 2
OL 2018 2019 2020 2021
Chasz Wright Sr. (RS)      
Ryan Bates Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Steven Gonzalez Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Sterling Jenkins Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Connor McGovern Jr. Sr. RS open  
Will Fries So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Michal Menet So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Alex Gellerstedt So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Mike Miranda Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
C.J. Thorpe Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Des Holmes Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Rasheed Walker Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Nana Asiedu Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Juice Scruggs Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Bryce Effner Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Caedan Wallace   Fr. So. Jr.
Totals 15 15 11 8
DL 2018 2019 2020 2021
Torrence Brown Sr. (RS)      
Shareef Miller Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Ryan Buchholz Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Kevin Givens Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Robert Windsor Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Shane Simmons So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Shaka Toney So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Ellison Jordan So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Daniel Joseph So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Antonio Shelton So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Yetur Gross-Matos So. Jr. Sr. RS open
Fred Hansard Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Damion Barber Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Corey Bolds Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Brailyn Franklin Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Nick Tarburton Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Jayson Oweh Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
P.J. Mustipher Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Aeneas Hawkins Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Judge Culpepper Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Totals 20 19 15 9
LB 2018 2019 2020 2021
Koa Farmer Sr. (RS)      
Jake Cooper Sr. RS open    
Jarvis Miller Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Cam Brown Jr. Sr. RS open  
Dae’Lun Darien So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Brelin Faison-Walden Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Ellis Brooks Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Micah Parsons Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Jesse Luketa Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Charlie Katshir Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Totals 10 8 6 5
DB 2018 2019 2020 2021
Amani Oruwariye Sr. (RS)      
Nick Scott Sr. (RS)      
John Reid Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Ayron Monroe Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Garrett Taylor Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
John Petrishen Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)    
Zech McPhearson So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)  
Lamont Wade So. Jr. Sr. RS open
Tariq Castro-Fields So. Jr. Sr. RS open
Jonathan Sutherland Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Donovan Johnson Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
D.J. Brown Fr. (RS) So. (RS) Jr. (RS) Sr. (RS)
Isaiah Humphries Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Trent Gordon Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Jordan Miner Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Jaquan Brisker   Jr. Sr. RS open
Marquis Wilson   Fr. So. Jr.
Keaton Ellis   Fr. So. Jr.
Totals 15 16 12 8
ST 2018 2019 2020 2021
Blake Gillikin Jr. Sr. RS open  
Jake Pinegar Fr. So. Jr. Sr.
Totals 2 2 1 1
TOTALS 86 82 61 45
AVAILABLE 0 3 24 40

Players in italics are non-binding verbal commitments

By Derek Levarse

[email protected]

Reach Derek Levarse at 570-991-6396 or on Twitter @TLdlevarse

Reach Derek Levarse at 570-991-6396 or on Twitter @TLdlevarse