Caught on Camera

By Tom Venesky - [email protected]

The howl of a coyote at night conjures up images of wilderness. And yes, coyotes do inhabit virtually every remote area in the state, but that’s not all. Coyotes have become established in suburban and even urban areas, evident by this photo sent in by Bill McGough. The trail camera picture was taken behind McGough’s house in Edwardsville in June.

Urban areas provide a plentiful food source for an opportunistic coyote, and prey species include everything from rabbits to feral cats. Still, even though coyotes do inhabit the suburbs and cities, they are rarely seen due to their nocturnal habits. Yet when one is spotted, a coyote in the city is certain to cause a stir.

Capture anything interesting on your hand-held or trail camera? A nice buck, bear, coyote or any other wildlife? We’d love to see it. Each week, we’ll run photos from a reader’s trail camera on the Sunday Outdoors page. Email your photo, along with date and area it was taken (township is fine), and any other details to [email protected]

By Tom Venesky

[email protected]