Lake-Lehman’s Emily Johns makes record-shattering return

By Jay Monahan - For Times Leader | May 17th, 2017 11:37 pm

SCRANTON — Lake-Lehman senior Emily Johns did not want spend last year’s district championships in the stands. It made no sense for her to hobble around Scranton Memorial Stadium on a broken foot.

A year later, she made a triumphant record-shattering return.

Johns won both the discus and the shot put at the District 2 Class 2A girls track and field championships Wednesday. After winning the event during her sophomore year, the senior thrower owns the district discus record in both Class 2A and 3A.

“I was on crutches last year so it would have been hard moving around the stadium,” Johns said. “I didn’t want to go to something I couldn’t participate in. I wanted to focus on getting better and not seeing what I couldn’t do.”

Johns shattered the Class 2A discus record, set by Hanover Area grad Chyanne Fine in 2015, by more than 21 feet. Her toss measured at 151 feet, 1 inch.

“It was definitely because two years ago, at this meet during my sophomore year, was the last time I PR’d in the discus,” she said. “So it took me two years to better myself.”

The Harvard-bound hurler won the shot put with a distance of 38 feet, 1 inch. Johns won the discus and shot put in each of her three district competitions.

When Meyers’ Nalasjia Harris-Johnson first came onto the stage as a freshman, her mother Teneca, a former district and state champion at Hanover Area, awarded her first medal. Harris-Johnson capped her last local meet in style with her mother again awarding one of her three championships on the day.

Harris-Johnson won three events and earned a silver medal.

She finished first in the 100 dash for the fourth straight season. Harris-Johnson clocked in at 12.77 seconds but fell short of a district record by a half-second.

“I wanted to break the record so bad,” she said. “But, hey, I won it. So that’s all that matters.”

Harris-Johnson will be joined by teammates in Shippensburg for the first time since her freshman year after her 400 relay team took first. The Mohawks’ quartet of Harris-Johnson, Ilequa Adams, Allycia Harris and Divine Howard raced to a 50.32 second-finish, a full second ahead of a talented Lakeland team.

“I love watching my teammates,” Harris-Johnson said. “At Meyers, you really can’t see the relay. I love watching our girls doing it and seeing the distance that they are gaining or losing and seeing where my mindset is at. I’m overly happy. That was my goal to get them to states.”

Murphy’s Law nearly happened again for Harris-Johnson in the 200 dash. Last year, she false-started to disqualify in a race she was favored in. This year, the condensed schedule caused her to enter the race “unprepared” without any starting blocks or, until she was able to get herself settled, shoes. Harris-Johnson outraced Lakeland’s Madison Harding by 21-hundredths of a second for a 26.69-second finish.

Harris-Johnson will attend states in the long jump after a second-place distance of 17 feet, 2 ¼ inches. She scratched from the 200 dash for states.

Northwest’s Kennedy Maclean was the most surprising Wyoming Valley Conference winner of the night. Maclean won the javelin with a throw of 115 feet after being seeded sixth coming into the competition. She reached the mark on her second throw to win by two feet.

“Going into the meet, I was not very confident because I was seeded sixth,” Maclean said. “So I was very happy with that throw. I had a feeling I could do it but I didn’t think I’d throw that today. I think my speed really helped me.”

Lake-Lehman opened the night with a 3,200 relay victory. The Black Knights’ team of Jade Fry, Jace Garnick, Hailey Kubiski and Olivia Vasey posted a 17-second win over Western Wayne. The same relay team won the Class 3A district title last year.

Kubiski received the baton as an anchor with a 75-100-meter lead and raced to finish in 10:00.27.

“The girls ahead of me ran really fast, got ahead and did a great job,” Kubinski said. “We did it last year, and it was a really great experience.”

Holy Redeemer had a pair of state qualifiers. Nicole Kerestes cleared 5 feet, 2 inches to get second place in the high jump. Autumn Kaminski took third place in both the 100 hurdles (15.71 seconds) and 300 hurdles (47.17) but ran fast enough to secure a return ticket to Shippensburg.

Western Wayne won with 101 points. Lake-Lehman was third in team standings with 79 points.

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Class 2A Track & Field Championships

Team Standings – 1. Western Wayne (WW) 101, 2. Lakeland (LAK) 94.5, 3. Lake-Lehman (LL) 79, 4. Holy Cross (HC) 78, 5. Holy Redeemer (HR) 57, 6. Meyers (MEY) 49.5, 7. Dunmore (DUN) 43, 8. Carbondale (CAR) 39, 9. Montrose (MON) 37.5, 10. Susquehanna (SUS) 36, 11. Northwest (NW) 23, 12. Hanover Area (HAN) 19.5, 13. Elk Lake (EL) 17, 14. Lackawanna Trail (LT) 10, 15. GAR (GAR) 7.5, 16. Blue Ridge (BR) 6, 17. Mountain View (MV) 3.5

3200 Relay – 1. LL (Jade Fry, Jace Garnick, Hailey Kubiski, Olivia Vasey) 10:00.27; 2. WW (Caitlin Henneforth, Kallie Jones, Samantha Atcavage, Annie Skirpan) 10:17.62; 3. EL (Eliza Bosscher, Sadie Bosscher, Lydia Ofalt, Keri Jones) 10:18.19; 4. HR (Molly Holmes, Emily Hons, Cameron Marcinkowski, Leah Mullery) 10:31.76; 5. LT (Ashleigh Clarke, Lauren Beemer, Madison Swanchak, Victoria James) 10:43.89; 6. DUN (Emma Coar, Alexia Fangio, Katie Hilson, Nicole Marzzacco) 10:58.65; 7. NW (Tess Edwards, Samantha Snyder, Jordan Everett, Cecelia Huntington) 11:14.33; 8. LAK (Haley Hunsinger, Brooke Longstreet, Naomi Paul, Danielle Setta) 11:39.57

High Jump – 1. WW Kaila Johnson 5-2, 2. HR Nicole Kerestes 5-2*, 3. LAK Brooke Estadt 5-0, 4. MON Radvile Vaiciulyte 5-0, 5. LAK Sara Wanat 5-0, 6. WW Caitlin Henneforth 4-10, 7. MV Lauren Schmidt 4-8, 7. GAR Skylynn Gonzalez 4-8

100 Hurdles – 1. SUS Skyla Wilson 15.1, 2. LAK Madison Harding 15.2*, 3. HR Autumn Kaminski 15.71*, 4. HC Jillian Warabak 15.72*, 5. WW Trina Barcarola 15.77*, 6. MEY Ilequa Adams 16.64, 7. SUS Alexia Presley 18.56, 8. LL Paige Motovidlak 23.59

Long Jump – 1. LAK Brooke Estadt 17-10.25, 2. MEY Nalisjia Harris-Johnson 17-2.25*, 3. WW Gianna Debastiani 16-8.75, 4. NW Emma Wyllie 16-4.75; 5. EL Grasyn Bushnell 16-2.5; 6. HR Nicole Kerestes 15-11.75; 7. SUS Alexia Presley 15-11, 8. HR McKenna Dolan 15-7.5

100 Dash – 1. MEY Nalasjia Harris-Johnson 12.77, 2. DUN Gillian Coar 13.06, 3. WW Elizabeth Pulice 13.49, 4. MON Chalice Guyette 13.54, 5. GAR Tawanna Winstead 13.83, 6. LAK Cassie Stracham 13.96, 7. MV Brianna Spriggs 13.97, 8. LT Willow Burnell 14.01

Discus – 1. LL Emily Johns 150-2, LAK Mikayla Marino 112-10, 3. HAN Tanisha Atherton 112-7, 4. HC Madison Ware 107-5, 5. CAR Mikenna Walsh 105-6, 6. CAR Alex Artone 96-11, 7. WW Zoey Rosensweet 96-5, 8. NW Kennedy Maclean 93-4

Javelin – 1. NW Kennedy Maclean 115-0; 2. HC Madison Ware 113-1; 3. CAR Madison Ware 112-8; 4. LL Sarah Salus 109-3; 5. LL Emily Johns 108-11; 6. HAN Tanisha Atherton 107-5; 7. LAK Mikayla Marino 106-2; 8. SUS Lauren Soden 99-3

1600 Run – 1. HC Abby Corrigan 5:11.4; 2. MON Hannah Perkins 5:18.08*; 3. HC Lexi Walsh 5:20.77; 4. LT Victoria James 5:41.61; 5. LL Jade Fry 5:47.61; 6. HR Lindsey Williams 5:48.14; 7. HR Molly Holmes 5:58.55; 8. EL Sadie Bosscher 5:59.65

Pole Vault – 1. WW Trina Barcarola 11-0; 2 LAK Corah Krantz 10-6*; 3. HC Cassie Groncka 10-0; 4. WW Sydney Krompasky 10-0; 5. WW Mary Kate Bateman 8-0; 6. MEY Mawa Moore 7-6; 6. HAN Mia Metcalf 7-6

Triple Jump – 1. LAK Brooke Estadt 37-6.75, 2. DUN Ione Fetsko 35-9, 3. HC Rosalie Bennie 33-2.75, 4. HR McKenna Dolan 33-2.5, 5. LL Morgan Machakitus 32-10-75, 6. HAN Abby Korba 32-6.75, 7. WW Morgan Wagner 32-6.75, 8. DUN Lydia Meade 32-5.25

400 Dash – 1. DUN Gillian Coar 59.87, 2. LL Hailey Kubiski 1:00.81, 3. BR Isabella Cosmello 1:01.85, 4. MON Anna Loomis 1:01.92; 5. HAN Kailey Orzechowski 1:01.29; 6. MEY Allycia Harris 1:02.86; 7. EL Lydia Ofalt 1:02.95; 8. HC Mollie Burda 1:02.96

400 Relay – 1. MEY (Ilequa Adams, Allycia Harris, Nalasjia Harris-Johnson, Divine Howard) 50.32; 2. LAK (Jessica Beecroft, Brooke Estadt, Madison Harding, Brooke Longstreet) 51.43; 3. SUS (Alexia Presley, Taylor Huyck, McKenzie Rhone, Skyla Wilson) 51.46; 4. WW (Brianna Neales, Gianna Debastiani, Noelle Orehek, Elizabeth Pulice) 51.53; 5. LL (Mackenzie Fleeger, Lynea Gregory, Paige Motovidlak, Abby Paczewski) 52.21; 6. DUN (Mia Chiaro, Emma Coar, Gillian Coar, Samantha Domzalski) 52.76; 7. HR (Nicole Kerestes, Kayla Kruk, Jesse Ornoski, Jillian Smith) 53.2; 8. NW (Sarah Zultevicz, Kelsey Jones, Shelb

300 Hurdles – 1. SUS Skyla Wilson 43.97, 2. LAK Madison Harding 46.8*, 3. HR Autumn Kaminski 47.17*, 4. WW Trina Barcarola 48.2, 5. HC Rosalie Bennie 50.03, 6. MEY Ilequa Adams 50.23, 7. DUN Mia Chiaro 50.39, 8. LL Paige Motovidlak 50.55

Shot Put – 1. LL Emily Johns 38-1, 2. LAK Mikayla Marino 36-10-.75, 3. CAR Sarah Korty 33-1.25, 4. CAR Alex Artone 32-2.75, 5. WW Zoey Rosensweet 30-5.5, 6. NW Katharine Noss 29-9.5, 7. GAR Simone Harris 29-8, 8. HC Madison Ware 29-7

200 Dash – 1. MEY Nalisjia Harris-Johnson 26.69, 2. LAK Madison Harding 26.9, 3. MON Chalice Guyette 27.74*, 4. HR Nicole Kerestes 27.8, 5. WW Elizabeth Pulice 28.01, 6. LL Mackenzie Fleeger 28.01, 7. WW Brianna Neales 28.25, 8. HAN Kailey Orzechowski 28.84

800 Run – 1. CAR Jenn Korty 2:22.66, 2. WW Annie Skirpan 2:26.58, 3. HC Abby Corrigan 2:27.01, 4. LL Jace Garnick 2:28, 5. HR Leah Mullery 2:28.91, 6. LL Olivia Vasey 2:29.63, 7. WW Caitlin Henneforth 2:33.35, 8. LL Morgan Patla 2:35.87

3,200 Run – 1. HC Lexi Walsh 11:43.05, 2. MON Hannah Perkins 12:04.77, 3. HC Abby Guziewicz 12:08.32, 4. CAR Jenn Korty 12:37.03, 5. EL Keri Jones 12:41.51, 6. HR Lindsey Williams 12:48.95, 7. HR Destiny Andes 13:29.19, 8. WW Emily Kosciuk 13:34.82

1,600 Relay – 1. WW (Samantha Atcavage, Annie Skirpan, Caitlin Henneforth, Trina Barcarola) 4:08.75; 2. DUN (Mia Chiaro, Emma Coar, Gillian Coar, Alexia Fangio) 4:12.62; 3. LL (Jace Garnick, Hailey Kubiski, Abby Pawzewski, Morgan Patla) 4:14.48; 4. SUS (Bethany Maby, Taylor Huyck, McKenzie Rhone, Skyla Wilson) 4:14.96; 5. HC (Abby Corrigan, Rosalie Bennie, Jillian Warabak, Mollie Burda) 4:16.07; 6. LAK (Jessica Beecroft, Brooke Estadt, Madison Harding, Brooke Longstreet) 4:20.92; 7. HR (Carly Cavanaugh, Autumn Kaminski, Cameron Marcinkowski, Leah Mullery) 4:25.18; 8. NW (Tess Edwards, Jordan Everett, Arianna Walker, Samantha Snyder) 4:29.26

*- State qualifier. All event winners qualified for PIAA championships.

SCRATCHES: Barcarola, WW, 100 hurdles; Harris-Johnson, MEY, 200 dash; Harding, LAK, 200 dash

Meyers’ Nalasjia Harris-Johnson wins the girls 100-meter dash for the fourth straight season. The senior won in 12.77.’ Nalasjia Harris-Johnson wins the girls 100-meter dash for the fourth straight season. The senior won in 12.77. Bill Tarutis | For Times Leader
Holy Redeemer’s Autumn Kaminski qualifies for states in the girls 100-meter hurdles. Redeemer’s Autumn Kaminski qualifies for states in the girls 100-meter hurdles. Bill Tarutis | For Times Leader
Holy Redeemer’s Nicole Kerestes clears the bar en route to a silver medal in the girls high jump at the District 2 Class 2A Track & Field Championships at Scranton Memorial Stadium on Wednesday afternoon. Redeemer’s Nicole Kerestes clears the bar en route to a silver medal in the girls high jump at the District 2 Class 2A Track & Field Championships at Scranton Memorial Stadium on Wednesday afternoon. Bill Tarutis | For Times Leader
Lake-Lehman’s Emily Johns set a new Class 2A discus record at 151 feet, 1 inch at the District 2 Class 2A Track & Field Championships on Wednesday.’s Emily Johns set a new Class 2A discus record at 151 feet, 1 inch at the District 2 Class 2A Track & Field Championships on Wednesday. Bill Tarutis | For Times Leader

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