Caught on Camera

A reader sent in these photos of coyotes on Larksville Mountain. The pictures were taken last November and December and, judging by the size and coat of these coyotes, the canines are doing pretty well in the area. Coyotes are very adaptive to a number of habitats, and chances are if they’re on Larksville Mountain […]

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Caught on Camera

What happened when the coyote and fisher crossed paths? Well, in the case of these two photos, not much. But it is interesting to see the reaction of the fisher when it came across the tracks left in the snow by the coyote. Martin Husovich’s trail camera captured the images over the winter when the […]

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Time to get ready for ticks

If you think the recent snowfall will help to reduce tick numbers this spring, don’t get your hopes up. The snow will actually aid ticks as it provides a layer of insulation over the forest floor they inhabit, allowing them to emerge in full force once spring arrives. Michele Cassetori, director of education and outreach […]

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Outdoors with Tom Venesky: The truth about coyote hunts

Last month a letter appeared in the Times Leader regarding coyote hunts. The writer chastised such hunts and was obviously opposed to them. I have no problem with that. Everyone has a right to their opinion. But I have an opinion too, and I take exception to the outlandish claims that paint coyote hunts, and […]

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Snow geese stopping over in NEPA

A unique visitor appeared in several spots throughout the region this winter, dressed all in white for the special occasion. Flocks of snow geese have stopped over during their migration to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, and the appearance of hundreds of white birds dotting a field has generated a lot of interest. “If […]

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Birders’ Corner

Highlights of recent sightings conducted throughout northeastern Pennsylvania by area birders. For a complete list, along with area hot spots, visit the Greater Wyoming Valley Audubon Society website at: grwyovalas.org. Feb. 23 Wyoming Valley Airport At least 500 snow geese, including a few “blue geese” Jackson Township Robins – 8 Beaumont (Wyoming County) Eastern bluebirds […]

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Transforming a fishing rod into a work of art

ASHLEY — Bob Prymus has hands that would make any butcher proud. His powerful grip is evident with the first firm handshake. But these hands aren’t used for slinging a side of beef. Despite their powerful appearance, Prymus’ hands are steady and precise, capable of weaving hair-like strands of thread to create an intricate work […]

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Building nest boxes for wildlife a beneficial winter activity

DALLAS — Bill Williams hammered a few nails and, in no time at all, built a house. He expects the inhabitants to move in this spring. With the beginning of spring a month or so away, winter is a great time to build homes for wildlife to use when they return to the area. Bluebirds, […]

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Pa. bird feeders a bit quieter this winter

As far as numbers go, Jeff Stratford admits he’s had better years. But just because there are fewer birds visiting Stratford’s feeders in Wilkes-Barre this winter, he isn’t ready to jump to any conclusions. “It’s not that there’s fewer. It’s just that we’re not seeing them,” said Stratford, who is an assistant professor of biology […]

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Outdoors with Tom Venesky: Too much salt is bad for your health, and the environment too

When lead shot for hunting waterfowl was banned nationwide in the early 1990s, the move was well-received by conservationists who felt the toxic substance was killing ducks. I don’t dispute that, and for the most part waterfowl hunters have adapted well to using non-toxic shot. But I wonder if lead shot was really the major […]

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