Bloomsburg DJ suspended after attending white-power rally

Dave Reilly | From WHLM’s website -

BLOOMSBURG — WHLM radio of Bloomsburg is losing advertisers and its downtown studio has become the site of protests after one of its DJs posted video of himself attending a white supremacist rally in Virginia last weekend.

Late Tuesday, the station announced it was suspending Dave Reilly without pay.

Earlier, protesters held signs outside the studio and sang civil rights anthems.

“We really do not want to be giving a platform to people who spew hate,” one protester said.

Another added: “It’s just a really awful feeling to see what Dave turned into. This wasn’t the Dave I knew, the things he’s been saying on the radio recently.”

Reilly allegedly took video that shows white supremacists marching with torches at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Friday.

His Twitter account has been deleted, but not before he tweeted from the rally over the weekend.

Bloomsburg University has announced it will no longer advertise with the station.

Meanwhile, WHLM released a statement saying the company “denounces, detests, disavows, condemns and has never condoned any form of racism, white supremacism, bigotry or political violence towards anyone or any group.”

— Fox 56 News

Dave Reilly | From WHLM’s website Reilly | From WHLM’s website