Police Officer Buys Meal for Homeless Man After Being Called to Fast Food Restaurant

An encounter between a South Carolina police officer and a homeless man in a fast food restaurant ended in the most heartwarming way after the officer bought the homeless man a meal on Saturday, May 26.Officers from the Horry County Police Department responded to a call from a customer complaining about a homeless man asking for scraps of food at Hardee’s restaurant in Surfside Beach.When an officer showed up, he asked the homeless man if he was hungry and bought the man two cheeseburgers.Hardee’s employee Victoria Paige Summer shared a clip of the encounter to Facebook on May 26. Speaking to local media, she said the man had been “sticking around” the restaurant and employees had been buying him food and letting him spend time inside the restaurant.The clip had earned over 118,000 views at the time of writing.