Your view: Tell your legislators to kill Speed Trap Bill

Do you want to be caught in speed traps everywhere you drive in Pennsylvania? Speed Trap Bill SB 251, arming municipal police with radar guns, makes that possible. The only reason for radar is to make speed traps plentiful and easy to stage — for the money. Roads can be made safer for free with […]

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Their view: Where we can do something about guns

“Thoughts and prayers,” “thoughts and prayers,” America’s go-to mantra as bodies are carted away from the scenes of mass shootings. The words were invoked after the massacres at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and Texas’s First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, and the Pulse nightclubin Orlando, Florida, and the Las Vegas outdoor Route 91 […]

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Your view: No basis for consolidation plan

At the recent informational meeting held by Wilkes-Barre Area School Board on four days notice, the district revealed that its current plan is to maintain Meyers as a school for seventh- and eighth-graders. This established once and for all that the district’s previous rationale for consolidation, that Meyers could not be maintained, was baseless. There […]

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Their view: February is time to focus on low vision

Do you know what low vision is? Do you know if you have low vision? Five years ago, before I became involved with Northeast Sight Services, I couldn’t tell you. Do you know how many people have low vision? Here are some eye-opening statistics: right now, 4.2 million Americans ages 40 and up have low […]

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Beyond the Byline: Movin’ on up

“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.” — Rodney Dangerfield WILKES-BARRE — The first time I ever moved from one home to another, it was the worst of times. It was 1969, about one year after my mom had died. My dad and I were still calling […]

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Our View: Segregation charge wrong, but issues for WBA remain

The Wilkes-Barre Area School Board was doubly blessed to have Shawn Walker sitting in the vice president’s seat when critics started levelling accusations of segregation and racism at the high school consolidation plan. Blessed first by the obvious: Walker is the lone minority member on a board that has, for decades, been white (and overwhelmingly […]

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Their view: Plenty of room left on this bandwagon

There is plenty of room on the bandwagon! Many years ago, I got a chance to spend a little time and had a few conversations with Andy Reid, the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles at the time. Coach Reid’s humility and genuine kindness caught me by surprise, and I instantly became a fan. Ever […]

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Their view: Reopening ER right decision for Geisinger

Diamonds to Geisinger for deciding to reopen the emergency room in the Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre building — the former Mercy Hospital on Church Street. Closing the ER in 2009 felt like a serious loss at best and a life-threatening mistake at worse, even though it is understandable that Geisinger would think dividing ER money between […]

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Their view: A Florida high school massacre and guns: A requiem for sanity

Seventeen dead in a high school. South Florida. A former student, 19. Armed to the teeth. A semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. Made to kill. Police officers running to the school, machine guns drawn. A mother texting her son to turn off his phone’s ringer so the killer with the rifle won’t hear it and find him. […]

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Their view: Olympic Games do not make sense

Since 1976, the Olympic Games have been profitable for eight host cities. Nevertheless, as the 2018 Winter Games begin, questions remain about whether these games will be profitable for South Korea. The country converted a rural ski area into an international winter hub for sports. While the new stadium cost about $100 million, South Korea’s […]

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